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CACAO Design România | About us

The CACAO Design România name as brand of the EDUnomRO owned by the panamiam Carmit Chan Corporation offer conceptual and alternative solutions in design. Our passion is to find the simplest design solution for our customers for their business needs in order to achieve their true potential. We work on a multidimensional levels approach depending on our clients' needs. We usually retrieve any new project either small or large scales ones. Based on our preliminary analysis we are able to deliver an initial professional advice and upon it we may accept or reject your project. We are committed to resolve all accepted project.

We believe in the CACAO Design România quest for simplicity.
Give us your project and we will deliver your image.
Your requirements through our work will lead you to a satisfied client.

Our mission is to deliver to our clients an image what represent themselves as a synthesis of their skills, competences and ability to carry out their promise. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, or a small business owner, an established local or regional company or even an international corporation, institution or foundation seeking a new public image, we are here to fulfill your dreams.

CACAO Design România | Best Portfolio Websites

Your WEBSITE is not a dream! Your satisfaction is real !

CACAO Design România | Best LOGO Portfolio

Simplicity at you fingertips ! Best and easy memorable brand !

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CACAO Design România | Characteristics

Your needs are our goal ! Your satisfaction is our prestige !


environmentally friendly

Our creations respect the natural environment and its principles


liquid flowing characteristics

Our creations are like flowing water adaptable and simple


firecatcher appearance impact

Our creations burn any attention being catchy, robust and direct


socially accepted content

Our creations are accepted, respected and protected socially

cacao design logo; Credit:

Today is your lucky day !

We are giving out one FREE of any Charge Consultation

CACAO Design România | Methodology

Don't take our word. See our results

It is the process of gathering and measuring information related to your needs. There are established targeted variables and objectives in a systematic fashion, based on a collaboration of your organization with us.

Data Collection

It is the process of combination of technical information, business expectancies based on our expertise, being used to combine data from disparate sources in order to deliver a complete perspective of the objective.

Data Integration


It is the process of continues adjustments of all information based on our skills related to alternative solutions in order to achieve the desired goal, appearance or result, consisting in our adaptability to the new situations.

Data Adjustments

It is the process of delivering the final mockup, sketch or drawing in more than a single one in order to give to you the possibility to choose and to allow us to make final adjustments till the satisfaction of receiving the product.

Data Transfer

CACAO Design România | Conceptual Design Price List

No contract. No risk. No credit card required.

Small conceptual design
One time fee
Middle conceptual design
One time fee
Exteneded conceptual design
One time fee

CACAO Design România | Regular Design Price List

No contract. No risk. No credit card required.

Logo Design
One time fee
Full copyrighted design
One Page Website Design
299/3 years
design + .com domain + hosting
Regular fee for the first 3 years
Full Website Design
599/3 years
design + .com domain + hosting
Regular fee for the first 3 years

CACAO Design România | Small Design Price List

No contract. No risk. No credit card required.

The Right Line Design
Full copyrighted design
One time fee
Consultation Job
Full copyrighted design
One time fee
Redesign Job
Full copyrighted design
One time fee

CACAO Design România | FAQ

How can I get a free Consultation ?

Fill your valid email address and click the 'GET A FREE CONSULTATION' button. You will receive through an email an invitation to present your needs. We usually respond within hours. Once you will present us your query we shall analize it and will respond in less than 24 hours our point of view.

Do I get from you the Copyright ?

Yes ! We work usually from a freelance position regarding our creations. Do to this fact we can't expose our portfolio of works in order to impress you. Our products of creativity are not self-evident, and they are not in our possession hence, we are not their owner in order to praise with them to you.

What is a small concept design ?

A small conceptual design is represented from our point of view by a small object or an area which needs a shape, a form, a design, a reshaping, a sketch or an idea in accordance with the stated objectives. It can be a logo, an advertisment an object suitable to stand in hand, a handy object.

What is a middle conceptual design ?

A middle conceptual design is represented by an object of such a size which needs boot hands to fit in. It can be a design, a sketch or an idea related to become a public view things, both tangible or virtual. It can be an object used itself, or it can be a large presentation area with high resolution content.

How do you create a design concept ?

The conceptual design itself is a reserved territory of expertise, meant to give to its creator an inner satisfaction more than a financial gaining. It is reserved usually to the free thinkers individuals with high standards of intellectual esteem. Therefore it is unlikely than they can be stranded into a full time position job.

What is your greatest asset ?

Our greatest asset is given by our strength and trust, is this competitive virtual environment, in the alternative solutions concept. At its foundation lie a deep feminine attitude, sensibility, intuition and courage to fail where others are afraid. All these because creativity at its birth place need freedom above all in order to express itself !

What is an extended conceptual design ?

An extended conceptual design is an object of such a large size that it is represented by a shape, a form, a design, a concept, a sketch or an idea related to represent a need, a brand or a functionality entity. It can be an object used itself or equipment under a new concept or a virtual placement for citizens.

Do you provide website conceptual design ?

Yes ! We can provide you website conceptual design based on your information which we expect to share with us under an NDA agreement. We will need data related to what you have, what you desire, how do you wish to accomplish them and the time frame needed to implement such changes. The fee is negotiable, please contact us !.

Conceptual Design provided by
team are Offered to you now with
full copyright rights


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